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About Me:

Hello, My name is Peta Bright and I'm a photographer based in Northamptonshire, England.


Dependable professional photographer versed in bringing client. visions to life through creative and dynamic photography techniques. I have an extensive portfolio of work in commercial and corporate photography. I'm accomplished in post-production techniques and digital manipulation for image enhancement. Through my freelance  work, I have proven to be capable of managing a studio, equipment setup and maintenance, and working with a wide range of clients. I’ve been a professional photographer for 2 years. I’m looking for a photography position where I can be enthusiastic about creativity and photography.

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My Portfolio


Holland & Barrett

February 2024 - Present

Junior Photography Editor

  • Built productive relationships with photographers, videographers and managers by assisting with photoshoots, organisation, sourcing props, and the generation of ideas. This optimised our team's efficiency.

  • Performed retouching services in line with company brief within the Adobe Creative Suit for digital distribution. 

  • Created new pre-sets and actions to make editing more efficient, building on the existing company format.

  • Participated in weekly meetings to keep up to date with the ongoing creative projects and to develop ideas for future campaigns. 

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